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Thornton Manor behind the scenes wedding style photo shoot with The Dream Team.

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

A stunning location bathed in sunlight under blue skies, a beautiful model with the warmest of personalities, a talented award winning team on hair and make up along with gorgeous dresses and accessories .. and me! Wow! Still buzzing from this opportunity to work with such an amazing dream team at such a wonderful location that is Thornton Manor in Cheshire (www.thortonmanor.co.uk)

I was invited to attend this shoot organised by Cathryn Kerwin-Rawlinson from www.madeupbycathryn.co.uk both to provide the photography and to shoot a behind the scenes style photo-film from the day. I certainly had my work cut out and was grateful that as it was half term my daughter Mollyann was on hand to assist with both the photography and filming. The dream team featured two familiar names to this blog including Cathryn providing the make up and Tracy from Cherish Bridal (www.cherishbridal.co.uk) who provided the beautiful dresses and accessories for the shoot. I also had the great pleasure to meet on set hairstylist Duncan Fisher and model Bethany Cammack who like Cathryn and Tracy are both award winners .. I really felt very fortunate to be working with this talented team and it made such a difference to the final results.

On the photography front my first job was to identify a couple of key locations to use, it goes without saying that at Thornton Manor I was spoilt for choice however just like at a wedding I would rather identify the locations that I intend to use and not waste time trying to take photographs at every possible location. The equipment used was typical of the sort of cameras, lenses and lighting that I would take to a wedding including my favourite Canon 85mm f/1.8 which helps me to produce those beautiful portraits with a shallow depth of field or area of focus. Again as I would at a wedding on such a sunny day, I mixed natural light and reflectors with the use of off-camera flash to achieve a distinctive look to my images.

I'm known in the industry for creating my unique photo-films and this was the perfect opportunity to provide an insight for the viewer documenting behind the scenes and combining these shots with examples of the stills produced on the day. Along with the choice of music and additional video inserts, I'm really pleased with how this photo-film has come together, I really hope that you enjoy it to.

Photography & Photo-Film: www.paulkytephotography.com

Make Up: www.madeupbycathryn.co.uk

Hair Stylist: www.facebook.com/duncanfisherhairdesigner

Dresses and Accessories: www.cherishbridal.co.uk

Model: www.bethanycammack.com

Location: www.thorntonmanor.co.uk

Please press play to view - Photo-Films by Paul Kyte Photography

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