Wedding Photo-Films

Using a blend of stills and motion I’m excited to offer my unique approach to capturing your special day. Natural, unobtrusive, authentic photojournalism fused with short video inserts creates an entirely new dimension to crafting wedding stories for you to share with family and friends.

Many wedding photographers offer slideshows but I am one of only a few UK wedding photographers who can offer you a photo-film similar to the examples on this page. A photo-film is so much more than a simple slideshow, a wedding photo-film from Paul Kyte Photography is an emotional blend of documentary photography, video inserts and audio inserts including music and speeches.
Created with care, each photo-film is a reflection of the wedding day itself, the photographs, the music and the video inserts all carefully selected to match the emotion and the pace of the day. Couples often share the story of their wedding day by publishing their photo-film as a virtual wedding album on social media. 
'.. Oh my days! This Photo-film is so good! We were all blown away .. It captures the day beautifully, the speeches fitted in perfectly and it had us all in tears .. what a masterpiece ..' 
If you like what you see then please contact me as I would love to create one of my unique photo-films just for you, tel: 07969 054778 or email: 
To find out more about wedding photo-films and engagement shoot photo-films from Cheshire wedding photographer Paul Kyte please read this blog post: 'What is a photo-film?'