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Music for the soul

Music is a passion of mine and plays a vital role in the creative process of editing a photo-film, in fact I usually begin the process by laying down the main audio tracks first and then adding visual content to match the timings and mood suggested by the audio. With this passion for music I take a keen interest when covering weddings at the evenings entertainment and particularly enjoy hearing something a little different which sets the right tone for the couple and their friends and family to dance the night away.

Recently I enjoyed listening to two very different live bands while I was busy capturing the first dance and the fun on the dance floor. The contrast between the two couldn't be greater however both were perfect for the setting, the couple and the wedding day for which they had been booked.

The Peakfolk BarnDance & Ceilidh Band (www.peakfolk.co.uk) will ensure that even the most reluctant participant will find it hard to resist getting up on the dance floor and joining in. These are highly skilled musicians a joy to listen to with the added benefit of utilising a 'caller' someone to guide you through the necessary steps and to encourage your family and friends to have a go and have fun!

However if you like your music loud and proud then check out Reptilia (www.reptiliatheband.com) a modern alternative covering rock bands such as Foo Fighters, Stereophonics, Artic Monkeys amongst others, they also offer a full DJ package, perfect for wedding and events. To quote from their web site:

'.. Made up of 5 highly experienced musicians, Reptilia create a sound that is modern and energetic, as well as engaging to see live..'

Both very different however both great entertainers .. to find out more about the Paul Kyte Wedding Photography service including examples of how I capture your first dance and the action on the dance floor please visit www.paulkytephotography.com

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