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Making Beautiful Letters ... a modern calligraphy workshop

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

If you have followed my blog this year you might recall a photo-film that I produced in association with Claire Gould Calligrapher and author of The English Wedding Blog, filmed during one of her popular Calligraphy workshops in Manchester. Modern-Calligraphy-Workshop

I really cannot thank Claire enough for her support and advice throughout 2016 and for featuring some of my photo-films and wedding photography on her blog. That's why I was so pleased when Claire approached me to discuss a project idea that she had and to see if I could assist with the production for her new venture.

Aware that not everyone can attend one of her week day workshops in person, Claire wanted to explore the idea of offering an online version which can be made available to anyone, anywhere! And so the idea behind 'Making Beautiful Letters' was developed both in terms of logistics and with a desire to produce something with creative value and high production values.

Six tutorials, four separate camera angles and two cameras .. I'm tempted to add '.. and a Partridge in a Pear Tree ..' Planning this shoot up front was vital both for the actual filming and for editing the project so that the films make sense to a viewer learning calligraphy and listening to Claire's advice.

Cheshire Wedding Photography by Paul Kyte

However I think both myself and Claire were in agreement that the overall presentation was also an important factor, we really want the look and the feel of the films to appeal to viewers. These films are not 'in your face' sales films, rather they are gentle, beautiful even elegant in their delivery. I sincerely hope that these films reflect Claire's warmth of nature, her natural enthusiasm and undoubted knowledge of her craft .. she is a true artist and simply a lovely person to know.

I hope that you get as much enjoyment out of watching these films as I did making them and that 'Making Beautiful Letters' offers a welcoming start on your journey to learn the craft of Calligraphy.

For more information or to purchase and download the course visit: www.coursecraft.net

And please don't forget if you're looking for a Cheshire based wedding photographer please visit: www.paulkytephotography.com Tel: 07969 054778 or email: info@paulkyte.co.uk

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