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As high as a Kyte!

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

While I was standing on top of the Anderton boat lift in Cheshire waiting to complete a photo-shoot on behalf of the Canals and Rivers Trust, I was reminded of some of my highs and lows from a long established professional photography career. With a surname like Kyte I've heard all the comments about being a 'high flyer' but looking back I've enjoyed (sort of) some amazing

opportunites to '..get your camera in the right place..' as photographer Joe McNally would say.

Now I'm not a great one for heights and you certainly won't find me bungee jumping or parachute jumping anytime soon. However I do appreciate that this 'job' of mine offers some wonderful opportunites

often too good to turn down. Back in my newspaper days I was asked to cover a story about the demolition of a 150ft chimney at the site of the Good Hope Hospital in Sutton Coldfield. Due to its proximity both to the hospital and surrounding homes it was literally being taken down brick by brick, no explosives allowed. Climbing up wasn't so much of a problem however I admit to being a little unnerved while at the top as the chimney began to sway! '.. don't worry..' I was reassurred '.. it was designed to sway so that it doesn't 'snap' in high winds, a testament to victorian engineering..' I was also encouraged to find out later that the chimney was higher than anything trainee steeplejacks use to train.

As featured on Hold the front page:

As for some lows well I won't go into too much detail about a photo assignment underground and inside a sewer! However I did enjoy the unique experience of spending a day on top of the Royal Liver building and then underneath the Birkenhead tunnel while on assignment for the Institute of Civil Engineers. A view of Liverpool not included on the official Liverpool tour bus as far as I know.

I'm also pleased to note that my opportunites for an outstanding view are not limited to my commercial work, having snapped the stunning sunset view at Paul and Victoria's blessing again back in Liverpool at The Venue situated within the Liver Building and as with this example on the roof of Great John Street Hotel in Manchester for the wedding of Alistair and Julie. So if your planning a wedding with a view to remember then please contact PK Wedding photography on 07969 054778 however if you're planning on bungee jumping while exchanging vows I might resort to attaching a 'GoPro' to you and editing the footage afterwards ...

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