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A wet weather wedding .. no problem!

It's a question I am often asked and a concern for most couples when planning their wedding day, what happens if it rains all day? This is one of the many reasons why I would always recommend hiring a professional wedding vendor or supplier as their experience and professionalism will help you through situations such as poor weather on your wedding day.

As a photographer I will always have a plan b, I may have planned to take a few photographs in the beautiful gardens and surroundings at your chosen wedding venue however I will also have considered

where we might relocate inside should the weather turn against us. If you're feeling brave we can always try my double brolly system, this consists of one large white umbrella for you and a large golfing umbrella for me .. quite a sight and often a talking point for the onlooking guests!

Recently I had the pleasure to document Margaret and Richards wedding day, a lovely couple with a bonus for me as the wedding happened in my hometown of Frodsham in Cheshire. It rained in the morning, during the service and all afternoon, in fact the only time it stopped raining was after the sun had gone down and the evening was drawing in. But I am always determined to make the most of any situation and as you can see from the last image in the sequence I'm not afraid to try something different no matter what time of day or night at a wedding.

On their wedding day my documentary style of photography meant that I was happy to stand back and document the day as it happened, therefore for me the rainy weather simply added an extra dimension to the images. In the meantime I concentrated on capturing the warmth, the love and the positive nature of Margaret and Richard, after all they were getting married whatever the weather and that was the most important part of the day to look back on ...

With special thanks to Jan Gibson Photography and to Julie from Cheshire Brides who was kind enough to recommend my photography services to Richard and Margaret. No matter what the weather I would love the opportunity to document your special day, please get in touch on 07969 054778 or email: info@paulkyte.co.uk

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