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Looking for a family photographer in Cheshire? Jan Gibson Photography

Anyone who follows my Paul Kyte Photography facebook page will have probably noticed several mentions by way of a thank you to Jan Gibson Photography for second shooting at some of my weddings. Amongst her many qualities is the fact that she is a talented photographer with a warm smile and an easy going nature which makes her a perfect fit as a childrens photographer. However for the purposes of full disclosure I must confess that she is also my partner in life as well as on photoshoots .. and yes I do appreciate how lucky I am!

That said Jan knows that I wouldn't endorse her services just for a quiet life ... the fact is that I have had the privilege to watch her grow and develop as a photographer over the last couple of years. You will often hear someone describe a photographer as having 'an eye for an image' however for most of us, myself included, that is something which is developed, crafted and learnt over a period of time. Jan is one of those artists fortunate enough to have a natural ability to see an image and capture the moment and I've witnessed this both with her childrens photography and with some of the wedding images that she's captured on my behalf.

Jan is someone who works hard and is eager to learn however my advice to her is not to 'over learn' and just to follow her photographic instincts, they have served her well up to now. Yes there are rules about composition and lighting and as professional photographers I feel that it is important to understand such rules and have the technical skills to use them when appropriate. But what I love about photography are the many contradictions, the ability to bend the rules, in fact just down right ignore them ... sometimes you just have to let the photography happen ...

For me this is one of Jan's most endearing qualities, with her subject relaxed and having fun she observes, captures and lets the moment unfold in front of her camera.

To find out more about Jan Gibson Photography visit: jangibsonphotographyblog.wordpress.com

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